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About Zarah sterling silver enamel jewelry and the process:

The unique appeal of Zarah's sterling silver enamel jewelry results from two rare kinds of talent: To create fresh, new designs, Zarah seeks out contemporary artists renowned for achievements in any of various art forms. To obtain technical excellence, master artisans, who are expert in the old-world craft of enameling, translate the designs into distinctive pieces of jewelry.

There are separate collections of diverse art styles developed by established contemporary artists, each of whom has a distinctive vision.

Each article is painted by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. Next, the pieces are fired in a kiln to produce an alluring richness of color.

Nearly all of the meticulously crafted pieces are presented on an embossed gift card with a message from the jewelry designer. The card also describes how the item is made.


Spice up your wardrobe with some fun to wear jewelry!

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